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Military Veteran 4 Life’s mission statement is One Family One Fight. It doesn’t matter what branch of service you served we’re One Family.

If you’ve served in the military, you’re a Veteran For The Rest Of Your Life. (Depending on your discharge status).

Our Mission as an online community is to bring military members (past & present) together and help them to Succeed in Life going forward.  Everyone has their own definition of succeeding. If this website can help a veteran network to get employment, start a veteran own business, or meet another veteran in your local area that can assist them than that’s a success.  Everyone is going through their own struggles in life. Might be small and internal that no one sees or might be out in the open like homelessness or an abuse of some kind and a lot of times we will not ask for assistance.

Through the years, we’ve talked to military members that served.  Numerous amounts of veterans keep their feelings bottled up. Most of them say they open up more and feel better when they talk or being around other military members because a lot of us has been through similar circumstances that nonveterans do not understand.

This website is for networking, catching up with old friends, meeting new friends in your area, talking about your military service, etc.  Everyone would like to know about things going on in their areas such as employment opportunities, volunteer opportunities, social events, church services, festivals, looking for a workout partner, etc.  Helping veterans get out of the house and become an active member in the community like during your enlistment.

As a rule of thought for this page. Tell your stories, meet new people and Have Fun. We all know Everyone has Freedom of Speech, but there are consequences that go along with that. We’ve all been in the military, and we know that there are consequences for our actions.

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