Veteran Evaluation Services: A Maximus Company & What They Can Do For You

10 months ago

veteran evaluation services

Veteran Evaluation Services (VES) is a company within the Maximus network that specializes in helping veterans unlock the full range of benefits available to them. With VES, veterans can access their service records, receive an initial evaluation for disability ratings and compensation, and get assistance with counseling services. Read on to learn more about what VES can do for you.

What is Veterans Evaluation Services?

Veterans Evaluation Services provides support for veterans who are seeking to access the benefits available through the Department of Veterans Affairs. These services include help in obtaining medical records, disability evaluations, compensation claims assistance, and even counseling services. The goal of VES is to make sure that veteran’s needs are met and that their voices are heard when it comes to accessing the benefits they have earned from their service.

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How Does Veterans Evaluation Services Work?

The veteran evaluation process begins with the completion of a VA Form 21-4138. This form must be completed by a physician or other healthcare provider in order to provide evidence of your disability or injury related to your military service. Once this form has been submitted, VES will then review your military records as well as any other relevant documents in order to evaluate your claim and determine if you are eligible for disability compensation. If approved, you will be provided with information regarding how much compensation you may be entitled to receive.

What Services Do Veterans Evaluations Services Provide?

In addition to providing disability evaluations, VES also offers a variety of other services aimed at helping veterans maximize their benefits package. These include providing access to medical records, filing appeals on behalf of veterans who have been denied benefits, assisting in obtaining financial aid for college education programs geared towards veterans, offering advice on taxes and retirement planning related issues, connecting veterans with resources such as housing and employment opportunities, and providing counseling services for those suffering from PTSD or other mental health issues related to their military service.

No matter what type of assistance you may need when it comes to accessing veteran’s benefits or navigating life after military service, Veteran Evaluation Services can provide invaluable help throughout every step of the process. They understand that every veteran has unique needs and strive to provide personalized support tailored specifically towards each individual’s situation and goals.

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Supporting America’s Veterans and Transitioning Service Members

Veterans Evaluation Services is a distinguished leader in the field of medical disability exams, providing exceptional service to honorably discharged veterans. Their commitment to excellence has earned them national recognition and high marks for the quality of our reports. Their main goal is helping America’s veterans and transitioning service members receive the benefits they have earned.

VES is dedicated to providing fast, dependable medical disability exams so veterans can get the care they deserve in no time. With a network of over 6,500 medical providers that boast specialties ranging from general medicine and psychiatry to audiology and dentistry, VES ensures VA standards are met or exceeded at all times. Veterans can rest assured knowing their health needs will always be taken seriously with VES on their side!

VES clinicians take a look under the hood to provide VA with an assessment of your medical condition. By conducting prompt and thorough exams, they are able to deliver information that can lead to disability rating decisions being made quickly and accurately. It is important to note that VES providers do not provide veterans treatment or have knowledge of the rating decisions made by the VA.

FAQ’s About Veterans Evaluation Services

If you’re looking for someone to answer questions you may have about the medical disability exam or claims process, VES is there to help. The disability claims process is hard enough. With the global network that VES has, you can skip the VA facility, get accurate medical disability exams, and submit your disability claim in a timely fashion. Here are a few questions clients of VES have frequently asked.

Why Am I Being Schedule For A Compensation & Pension Exam Through A Private Provider & Not At A VA Facility?

VES is collaborating with the VA to ensure faster compensation and pension exams are available. Their highly trained clinicians offer quality care in a private setting, using strict guidelines set by the VA for certification purposes. Experience convenient access to Veterans Administration services at your fingertips!

Am I Required To Pay For Any Appointments?

VES ensures that you receive quality care without any financial burden – your examination and diagnostic testing are completely free of cost when scheduled through them. Plus, there’s no need to provide a private insurance card as part of the process!

What Do I Need To Bring To The Exam?

It’s exam time! Before you head to your appointment, make sure that you’re prepared for success – pack along a photo ID and list of any current medications being taken. Plus, be sure to bring a copy of the VES letter sent before hand so everything is in order. Optometry exams might require pupil dilation too; if this occurs don’t forget sunglasses plus someone who can help with transportation home afterwards since light sensitivity will occur until the drops wear off. And finally feel free to get comfy; they recommend wearing an outfit appropriate for movement during testing procedures!

Now That I’ve Completed My Exam, What Are The Next Steps?

Once your exam is finished, VES takes charge of making sure all the details are in order. If any extra appointments or exams need to be done for clarification they’ll let you know right away so there’s no delay in getting your disability claim taken care of. Your satisfaction and timely resolution are their top priorities!

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National and International Claims

No matter where you are, VES is here for Veterans and service members around the globe. With an expansive network of 3,100 U.S. locations and 800 international locations, they proudly offer resources to help connect our heroes no matter if far from home. So don’t hesitate to reach out with questions about your exam – VES will be there every step of the way!

Veteran Testimonials

“I want to take this time to personally thank you, Veterans Evaluation Services, for the professionalism and respect I have been given from each of the three physicians I was evaluated by from VES.”

“From the moment of arrival, I felt welcomed, and my service appreciated. The evaluation was the most extensive I have had for diabetes. Each step of the evaluation was explained and results recorded. I was informed of where the results were being sent and normal time frames involved.”

“With your invaluable assistance, you helped make this 89-year-old Veteran’s examination experience truly satisfying.”

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For all men and women who have served in our nation’s armed forces, there are countless resources available designed to ensure they receive the care they need both during active duty and after they transition back into civilian life. Veteran Evaluation Services: A Maximus Company is one such resource dedicated towards helping these brave individuals unlock all the benefits they deserve through the Veterans Affairs system so that they can continue leading fulfilling lives after their service ends.

Whether you need help obtaining medical records or filing an appeal on a denied benefit claim—VES has got your back! Contact them today for more information about how they can assist you in receiving all the benefits you’ve earned from your years of hard work protecting our country!

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